What do we do? 

At Summit Chiropractic and Health, we pride ourselves on taking a premium holistic approach to our patients' care. Our mission is to inform our patients about their health, and educate and support them on their recovery and health. 






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Paperwork & Consulation

You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire to help us get to know you. Your chiropractor will use this information to help understand your history and specific health concern. Your chiropractor will review your health history and elaborate through a series of health questions. 

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A thorough chiropractic, physical, postural, orthopaedic, SFMA and neurological examination will be performed to determine the cause of your health concerns. 

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X-rays and other medical imaging

If needed; you will be referred to the local radiology centre for necessary views to be taken, to visualise the location of any spinal or extremity concerns, reveal any abnormalities, and help us make your care more specific to your condition.

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Kinesiology Assessment 

You will be assessed with a series of muscle tests to determine any deficiencies or weakness in your body. Increasing the chiropractor’s ability to find the basic underlying cause of your health concerns. 


Meet our Chiropractors


Dr. Benjamin Roufail

Dr. Roufail has had the opportunity to work with the best athletes in CrossFit over the last five years flying not only to the Regionals, but to the World Crossfit Games numerous times. His experience with athletes doesn’t stop with Crossfit Athletes, Ben has had the opportunity to work with Olympic Gymnast, weight lifters, Body Builders, Professional Boxers and MMA fighters. Ben finds the time to give back to the community of CrossFit and Chiropractic. Ben regularly sponsors local CrossFit competitions and tutors undergraduate Chiropractic students in chiropractic technique classes. 


Dr. Harrison Swan

Harry's passion for health and wellbeing began in Singapore, where he grew up and developed a love for the outdoors and an eagerness to travel. At University, Harry strove to engage in studies that would broaden his experience with sports management and injury rehabilitation. Harry has worked as a Sports Trainer with local AFL teams and has provided care for athletes on a national and international level, most recently the World Sailing Championships in Melbourne. Harry has a strong sense of family and pride of place in Geelong which brought him to Summit Chiropractic in Newtown after 7 years in Melbourne. 


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